Electrom Prototype Design Criteria


The vehicle had to be versatile and optimized for ease & pleasure of use as well as exercise.


It had to be relatively inexpensive.


It had to be as narrow as a two-wheel bicycle. What is the point of having the privileges of a bike in traffic if your bike is too wide to take advantage of those privileges.


It would not be fully enclosed in order to keep it a nimble two-wheeled vehicle. But there had to be more weather protection than a bicycle.


It would use mostly off-the-shelf parts to aid in manufacturing and to help the end-user sourcing replacement parts


Building the Electrom Prototype

Some of the features of the Electrom Prototype

  • Room for over 100 L of cargo
  • Removable cargo hatch allows for passengers
  • Legally a bicycle, so busts through traffic jams
  • very few moving parts = very low maintenance 
  • The Generator Drive acts like an automatic transmission for a bicycle and spares the operator the need to shift gears to match the human energy to the speed the vehicle is going
  • The Generator Drive allows you to exercise as much or as little as you want
  • It has regenerative braking. When you squeeze the brake leaver it tells the controller to cut power and go into regenerative mode; slowing you down and putting electricity back into your batteries
  • The easily deployed center stand allows for easy parking as well as resting at long stop lights
  • The Electrom is designed to be comfortably ridden in wet weather. The front fairing completely protects your legs and feet, no special footwear or rain pants needed
  • The front fairing swings away and allows for easy entrance and egress, and has been designed to crumple in the event of a head-on collision 
  • As a bicycle it can park almost anywhere
  • The narrow profile allows the Electrom to go anywhere a two-wheel bicycle can go.
  • The E-bike designation requires No Driver’s License, Registration or Insurance, but you must be 16 to ride.













Some other benefits of the  Electrom

  • The Electrom is completely emissions free
  • It takes advantage of existing infrastructure, it is able to use bike lanes, vehicle lanes, and the median on the side of highways.
  • It offers meaningful exercise at all times
  • The Electrom qualifies for priority loading on BC ferry and Washington State Ferries, it only cost $2.50 in BC and $1.00 in Washington
  • The Electrom’s battery is small enough that it can charge in 3 hours off of one 500 watt solar panel.

Electrom 1 design changes

  • The Electrom 1 will use 20” bike/16”Moped wheels to make it legal as a bicycle in California and better conform to bicycle standards in general
  • It will be much lighter than the prototype, under 120 lbs without battery
  • The kit will be able to run with a number of motor options to suite different desires and legal jurisdictions. Buyers will be able to decide on their setup at the time of order

Electrom LEV


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