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I’ve received an overwhelming number of inquiries about the Electrom lately so I’ve put together a list of answers to the most popular questions. I do apologize for the general nature of this response, but this will allow for more time to work on bringing the Electrom price down and the quality up.

We are working through the costs to assemble the Electrom as well as finding ways to keep the price as low as possible for our customers. We anticipate a price around the C$15,000 range, but that is likely to change with efficiencies of scale. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer a payment plan or financing.
We are also working on a less expensive model that will use a single motor, one battery (with the option of a second battery for greater range), and a simple metal cargo rack instead of a tailbox. This model will have a top speed of 45 km/h and we expect the price to be significantly lower. This model will be more compliant with the EU Speed-Pedec rules as the maximum speed will be 45 km/h without the need for software speed control.

The worldwide chip shortage has affected our ability to source the electronic components needed for the Electrom but we are planning to run another batch of bikes in the Autumn of 2022.

Where can I test-ride it?
Unfortunately, Electrom is a small company with no dealership network. Those who wish to test ride an Electrom can do so in Victoria BC. Canada. Should you wish to arrange a visit please email us. We are hoping to place a number of Electrom with customers who are willing to offer test rides in the future.

How to order
As soon as we have a firm date for the beginning of our manufacturing run we will send out an email to our mailing list letting everyone know that we will be accepting deposits and building bikes. The next run scheduled for the fall of 2022 will be a small run of between three and five Electroms due to the fact that the bikes are still hand-made and assembled. The refundable deposit will be $1000 CAD, with complete payment due before shipping/delivery.

Does it come in different colours?
As we are making the Electrom in small batches there is quite a bit of customization available. We will be able to supply the Electrom in any colour the purchaser chooses, but there will be an extra $250 charge for this. Our standard colours are Metallic yellow, red, and Blue.

Shipping costs
The Electrom is built in Victoria and Vancouver BC, Canada. Shipping to other Canadian provinces will vary between $300 and $700.
Shipping to the lower 48 States will cost between $500 and $800, depending on the destination. To California is $500, and the Eastern States is closer to $800.
We are also happy to have Electrom customers come to Vancouver or Victoria BC to pick up their bikes and receive a few days of training on how to ride the bike.
Overseas buyers should expect shipping costs in excess of $1500 to Europe or Asia. However, as we increase in sales we may be able to bulk ship several bikes at a time for significant savings.

What’s its top speed?
The Electrom has been designed to operate within e-bike parameters so maximum speed was not part of the goal. The top ungoverned speed running a 72 volt battery pack is 70 km/h, but the bike comes with preset speed limits, depending on the local rules. If one wanted a higher top speed than 65 km/h this would be achievable by running a higher voltage battery pack but it would require a change of controllers and a change to the GCD gear ratio as well. The Electrom has been tested up to 90 kp/h and it does handle high speed very well. The top speed is managed by the onboard computer, which can be set at the factory to match your local regulations. There is an off-road setting for private roads and property that allows the user to unlock the full potential of the motors.

What parameters are used to calculate the Electrom’s range?
Our numbers are based on the speed of the bike, the weight of the rider, and their effort. A 90kg rider traveling at 32 km/h on moderately flat ground can easily achieve 200km, presuming that they are pedaling and producing an average of 100W, which is very easy to do for many hours. At 40 km/h the range drops to 170 km, and at 50 km/h the range is down to 140 or lower

Does it have a throttle or is the speed set by pedaling?
The Electrom uses the GCD system to transmit the rider’s pedaling energy to the wheels. The rider’s energy is split and goes via two separate drive chains to both an onboard generator as well as to the back hub motor with one very low gear. The rider can help the motor get the vehicle up to speed and climb steep hills with direct pedal energy, but at speeds over 10 kilometers per hour, the chain drive is freewheeling and the rider’s energy is going solely into the generator.
The default setup of the Electrom is with a throttle but there are some jurisdictions that require a connection between pedaling speed and vehicle speed; the Electrom can be configured in that manner as well. Throttle-set-speed was actually one of the design criteria from the beginning because we were looking to separate the speed of the vehicle from the pedaling speed in order to allow the rider to get as much or as little exercise as they wanted while going at a consistent speed.
Speed-via-throttle has other advantages as well: for example, the operator of the Electrom can be using the brakes to slow down, but still pedaling at a steady pace with no interruption of their exercise. Another advantage is that if one is traveling on a busy section of path with lots of other users, the responsible thing to do is to slow down to a safe speed; with speed-via-throttle, one can do this while continuing to pedal as hard as one wishes for great exercise with no increase in speed. you can find a detailed description of the GCD on our Innovations page

How to lock it?
The Electrom has an ignition key for security, but we have found that because it is so unusual, it is not something (yet) that people understand or want to steal. For added security, one can employ a U-lock on the front wheel. We have also had a few customers add an aftermarket motorcycle alarm.

How much time and expertise does it take to assemble the Electrom kit?
The Electrom kit could be put together in about 16 hours or less. It does not require special tools beyond basic metric bicycle tools. The assembler should have decent mechanical skills but nothing special.

Is it difficult to get service?
The majority of the parts on the Electrom are standard off-the-shelf bicycle and e-bike parts so any decent bike shop can do basic service. However, it must be stated that the Electrom is a new type of vehicle in the early stages of consumer release, so we expect that the initial buyers will have some mechanical ability and desire to explore the inner working of the bike.

Can anyone ride an Electrom?
Sadly, no. The Electrom is heavy (up to 150lbs / 71Kg) and as a two-wheel vehicle that requires some balance, it is not suitable for all ability levels. It would be quite challenging to manage the Electrom without full use of all four limbs, as well as decent balance and strength.
While most people that can ride a normal bicycle can step astride the Electrom and start riding right away, the Recumbent riding position combined with the under-seat-steering makes the Electrom quite different from a normal upright bicycle. Riders should be prepared to spend at least 30 hours or more practicing on the Electrom before they are completely comfortable on the bike (but you didn’t learn to drive a car in a day either).

Can you change the seat angle?
The seat angle is fixed and has worked well for all types of riders (so far). Because the Electrom is understeer configuration, it handles better and is more comfortable with a seat angle that is more vertical than is typical on many recumbent bikes. That said, we are working on a seat design that will allow for some adjustability while retaining the strength and comfort of the current version. 

What is the power of the motors?
We are currently running a Nine Continents 212 Direct Drive motor on the rear. This motor can handle bursts of up to 3000W and 1200W continuously. In the front, we are running a Bafang G311 which is a smaller geared hub motor, but it has a two-stage, 11 to 1 gear reduction so the 600W creates a huge amount of thrust. The controllers are programmed so that the front motor shuts down at speeds over 30 kp/h (this is adjustable), that way once the bike is up to speed you are not wasting excess energy. The combined motor power is regulated by a central computer that can be set to match local regulations.
The reduced-price model that is in the works will run a single motor at 52 Volts with a maximum power output of 1500W and a maximum speed of 45 km/h

The standard Electrom kit will ship with two 72 Volt, 20 Amp-Hour batteries made up of Panasonic PF cells. The standard setup should yield a range of up to 200 KM under normal use. The wiring harness does include a plug that allows for the addition of extra batteries that are normally carried in the tail box. Any additional batteries must be the same voltage and ideally would be the exact match of the installed batteries. Two additional batteries will bring the range close to 400KM. The charging time for the two built-in batteries using the supplied 5 amp charger is 8 hours. If one wanted to charge faster one could use a 15 amp charger to bring the charge time down to 2 hrs and 40 min.

Does the Electrom come with a battery charger?
The Electrom ship with the Grin Technologies high-voltage Satiator battery charger. The charger is quite compact, it takes up the same amount of space as two pounds of butter end to end. It can easily be carried onboard for longer trips or left in the garage if sticking close to home.

Does it have detachable batteries?
The Electrom batteries are housed inside the fuselage and it is about a 10-minute job to remove them with tools. We opted to make the batteries hidden and harder to remove as we felt that the bike would often be parked on the street and as the batteries are fairly heavy–25 lbs. each–it seems less likely that users would want to remove them while out and about. As the Electrom is a fairly high-value vehicle, we suggest that owners would want to have a secure garage or shed for storage at home and to charge. 

Would it be possible to charge faster at car charging stations?
One could make an adapter to charge on the road using an automotive fast charger, but it would also require the carrying of a charger that could handle the current. A 20 amp charger is about as big is as feasible and safe for the batteries. This would bring the on-the-road charge time down to 2 hours from 8. It should be stated that charging at this rate regularly would decrease the lifespan of the batteries. For many people, a better long-trip option would be to carry an extra battery in the tailbox. At an average speed of 30 km/h, this would result in about a 300 km range, and ten hours in the saddle, which is probably much longer than most people would like to do.

This is tricky, the Electrom is adaptable to meet many local e-bike, moped, S-Pedelec, and Pedelec rules, but there are so many different permutations that it is impossible for us to say if it is legal as a simple e-bike in your area.

The Electrom legally qualifies as an e-bike in most Canadian Provinces. However, some cities have local bylaws that restrict the use of a throttle and some restrict e-bike speeds on certain bike infrastructure. Check your local e-bike regulations and bylaws to be sure.

United States- The majority of US states follow a similar rule set, with Class 3 ebikes allowed a top speed of 28 MP/H and a maximum power of 750W. Some examples are listed below

California – the Electrom can be configured to run as a Class 3 e-bike with a top speed of 28 MP/H and a maximum power output of 750W, or if you are so inclined, you could register it as a moped for a maximum speed of 30 MP/H and 1500W maximum power.

Washington State – the rules are similar to California 750W maximum power, 28 MP/H max speed for Class 3, but there is no Moped designation, to run at higher power the Electrom would need to be registered as a motor scooter.

This web page has a decent list of the specific rules for e-bikes in most states.

EU – the EU has a blanket designation for e-bikes, but each member country has different levels of implementation. The Electrom would work best under the L1e-B moped designation. L1e-B mopeds are defined as vehicles with a maximum design speed of more than 25 km/h and up to 45 km/h and a maximum continuous rated power of between 1000 W and 4000 W. The rules for moped use vary from country to country, we suggest investigating your local regulations.

UK – The Electrom produces more than 250W, so in the UK it will need to be registered, insured, and taxed as a motor vehicle. In this case, you will also need a driving license, and you must wear a motorcycle helmet. The definition the Electrom fits under in the UK is as a Speed Pedelec and it cannot be ridden on cycle paths and must be approved by the DVLA.

Australia – Unfortunately Australia has very restrictive ebike laws. it is likely that the only way to legally use the Electrom in Australia would be to register it as a motorcycle.

I hope that covers everything, please let me know if you have any other questions.

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