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What is the Electrom?

The Electrom is an e-bike that has been designed from the ground up to offer as many of the conveniences of an automobile as possible while still legally remaining a bicycle.

It can carry 100 liters of cargo or a small passenger, the Electrom also offers some weather protection for the rider as well as all of the lights and turn signals you would expect to find on a motorcycle. At the heart of the Electrom is the Generator & Chain Drive, which removes the complication of gears and allows the rider to exercise as much or as little as they wish.

At just 24 inches wide the Electrom can easily slip past stalled traffic like a bicycle and when you arrive at your destination you can park it anywhere you can park a bicycle.


The Electrom is designed to last with an aluminum frame and custom molded fiberglass and carbon fiber body parts. It has very few moving parts and uses mostly off-the-shelf bicycle components available in any bike shop.

The Electrom is an emissions-free vehicle packed with features that will allow you to get where you are going faster and cheaper, while providing as much or as little exercise as you desire. It looks different because it is different. For the better.


Price and Production Strategy

Our production strategy is to build Electroms to suit customers expectations by leveraging our proprietary vehicle platform, either as a kit for self-assembly, or complete assembly (Canada only). We have a range of configurations to suit your needs: 1 or 2 batteries, or frame, fairing and steering assembly for the hobby enthusiast.

Pricing information is available on request for serious buyers, please note that we are scaling our production capacity and pricing points are continually changing.  

The first generation of Electrom’s will be produced on a small scale and sold in kit format to help keep shipping costs down. Once we have a proven market we will take the next step to true mass-production.


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