We are just completing the first run of production bikes and it has been a real learning experience! The molded Carbon Fiber parts have turned out to take much more time than is realistic for the price at which we would like to sell the Electrom, so we are looking at which parts absolutely must be made in this way, and which could be produced more economically with other methods. We will revise our offerings and produce another run of Electrom in the fall of 2021.

Currently the hand-made carbon parts include the Tailbox and hatch, the  Footwell, Bubble Support, Swingarm covers, Fenders and Pedalling Station Cowling. The reality is that only the Tailbox and Footwells truly need the strength and weight savings that custom molded carbon fiber offers. 

In the meantime, our first two lucky buyers will get to start riding their new Electroms in the next month.

The Tailboxes


All of the body parts