First of all, let me say thank you to all of you who supported the Electrom project with your cash, kind words and advice. I hope that you will consider the final product worthy of the wait.

The Covid19 crisis has been difficult for all of us, but it has allowed me to concentrate on finalizing the molds for the Electrom bodywork and other details. The tailbox mold was the last (and most challenging) part of the puzzle.

I had no idea what kind of task I had set myself up for when this all started but I can say that I know far more about aluminum fabrication, electronics, mold making and just plain physics than I did before.

The first Electrom is complete and undergoing final testing. In truth, the chassis has been on the road since last March and has over 3000 kilometres on it. It has performed beyond expectations. As the Tailbox was the last completed component it it the only thing that is really undergoing testing at this point.

I will be contacting the Beta Test backers shortly to go over timelines and ordering procedures.

Thanks again to all of you.