A few years ago I was riding the old version of the Electrom, and I took it over to Vancouver. While I was there I had the opportunity to have my friend Robin Coope take it for a test ride.

Robin is an extremely skeptical person when it comes to recumbent bikes so i really wanted his opinion. After he pronounced that it was “actually pretty interesting” and that I might be onto something.

I was very happy to here that and it was part of what made me feel that I should keep working to bring a consumer version of the Electrom to market. In his day job, Robin works on medical devices to research and cure cancer, so he has no time for bad ideas.

I spent a few years designing the
new Electrom frame based on all that I learned while riding the previous version, and when I was ready to build the new vehicle I again enlisted Robin’s help. He put his considerable skills in Solidworks to the task of taking my two-dimensional drawings and creating production ready 3D CAD plans that saw the new Electrom frame laser cut, bent, and welded. When it
came time to assemble those parts into a frame it was Robin’s skills in the machine shop that provided  all of the other parts parts required to build a working product.

I am eternally grateful for his help.

Thanks Robin.

Fabrizio Cross