We are pleased to announce that the Electrom Beta Sample has completed over 2000 Kilometres of road testing and is ready for consumer test rides. The Electrom does not yet have its final final fibreglass body panels and tailbox but all of the lights, signals and other components are as they will be on the final bike so is a fair representation of what riders will experience on a finished Electrom.

Please contact info@electrom.ca to arrange your test ride.

Test Ride Parameters:

  • Test rides will take place in Victoria BC
  • Test Riders must commit to an hour minimum ride as it takes some time to get used to the recumbent position and steering system. Anyone who can ride a bike can usually step onto the Electrom and start riding, but it does take some time to become comfortable enough with the vehicle to start to explore its remarkable handling characteristics.
  • To qualify for a test ride you must be a backer on our Indiegogo campaign. You can sign up at indiegogo.com–search for Electrom. Any level of backer qualifies.

I hope to see a few of you soon