Hi Electrom fans,

Well, we have some progress to report:

The Tailbox plug is fully carved and sealed. It is now ready for filler and final shaping. We’ve gone with a semi-rounded style with creases in an attempt to give the Electrom a current feel (but of course we are hoping to create a classic).

Electrom Tailbox

Also we’ve been experimenting with dashboard shapes and have come up with a very lightweight but serviceable Carbon Fiber Dash design that both sheds water nicely and doesn’t block too much of the rider’s frontal view. The portion of the fairing on the Electrom that is above the rider’s legs needs to meet a few criteria:

-It needs to be light, as any weight above the rider’s center of gravity has a greater impact on speed of handling and stability;

-The fairing should do a good job of protecting the rider’s legs and lap from rain;

-It must also be easy to open and step out of;

-It has to place the rear view mirrors and the controller display in the right locations with respect to the rider.

The new dashboard meets these criteria quite nicely.

Electrom Dashboard rear view

Electrom Dashboard Side View

The next step is to carve the front fairing/footwell components and side panels and continue testing the new chassis. We’re at about 1500 km road testing so far and the frame and running gear has performed beautifully.

Thanks for following the Electrom,