Hi Electrom fans,

We’ve received the new generator drive and the long-awaited Edge Engineering seat.

After a lot of searching for the right generator the solution was found in a low-RPM wind generator. This is a very efficient 3 phase A.C. generator, and perfect for use on the Elelctrom.

The Generator works beautifully. At a gentle pedaling cadence of 80 rpm at the cranks, the rider generates 150 watts. If one is looking for more exercise, one just has to pedal a little bit faster.  I topped out at 89 RPM and 460 Watts. I could only keep that pace up for 30 seconds.

The seat for the Electrom is a very important choice. It has to fit a variety of body sizes and types. The Edge Engineering seat is perfect for our application, it has a breathable mesh back, very comfortable seat pan, and has 5 tension adjustment points that allow the user to fine-tune the seat position and feel to their preference.

Right now the Electrom sample frame is undergoing road testing, so far we’ve put over 700 km on the new vehicle and it has responded beautifully. Of note: I took it over to Vancouver last weekend. To make the trip I installed the 2nd battery and was able to make the whole journey on one charge. I was running in fast mode, which compromises efficiency but I still achieved over 170 km on a single charge. I believe that if one was running in the most efficient setting, up to 220 KM range would be possible on one charge with two batteries.

We are still working on carving the Styrofoam plugs to make the molds for the body parts.  It is a slow process but the result should be worth the wait.

Till next time,