I took the Electrom into Vancouver a few weeks ago and one of my main goals was to get a few people whose opinion I really value to ride it for an extended period of time. My Friend Robin and I took it out for a pretty decent ride (decent for him he was on the Electrom, I was busting my ass on an un-electrified bike). We adjusted the seat to accomodate his greater height and took off on the streets and bike paths of Vancouver. He had some several observations that I’m taking into consideration, but one of the big ones turned out to be easily solved. He found the throttle to be a little jerky.

Later in the trip I took the Electrom down to Grin where Robbie showed me the benefits of switching the throttle control mode on the CA V3 to Power instead of Speed. It completely smoothed out the throttle response and opened my eyes to a whole new world of possible adjustments in the CycleAnnalist. I feel so lucky to be close to the incredible resource that is Grin. I do miss being able to set the Cruise-Hold based on desired speed instead of desired power, but that only comes up on long trips and I can always switch back to speed mode for those.