I made the trip over to Vancouver in the rain yesterday afternoon. It was raining pretty hard when I left Victoria, but the Electrom handled it beautifully.

heading over the skytrain bridge

one of the things I’ve observed while riding the Electrom on the side of highways is the general courtesy of the professional truck drivers. The majority of the drivers that operate big rigs seem to be very aware of the backwash that their trailers make and most of them will take the outside lane when passing me. It doesn’t actually make much of a difference to the Electom as it is heavy enough to not be knocked around much by wind.

I did have a bit of a stand-off with the BC ferries ticket agent who wanted to charge me as a motorbike (flattering but 20 bucks more). I had to send her to the ICBC website to look up the definition of an e-bike. In the end it worked out and I paid $2.50 for my bike. I try not to get too huffy in these situations as I am the one who chose to build the weird looking bike.

Alien bike in the big city

Once across the ferry the rip into Vancouver was uneventful. I did ride through the Massey Tunnel, which is always a bit nerve-wracking, but as the traffic was heavy and going pretty slow i was able to blend in.