It’s October 5, 2017 and I’ve had the Electrom LEV on the road since April of 2016. What a ride it’s been. In this time I’ve accumulated several thousand miles of saddle time, and learned much about the Electrom, my fellow road users, and myself. In this blog I’ll try to capture those experiences in writing. Stick around for the ride!

From back in June of this year:
I made my first long distance ride this weekend. I loaded up my spare batteries clothes and laptop and rode the Electrom out to the Mill bay ferry, took the ferry across and then continued up Vancouver Island to Nanaimo. I was hoping to get to French Creek but it was raining and almost 10:30 pm so I decided to stop for the night. That day I did 110 kilometers over four hours  but there was a wait for the ferry and I stopped to eat. What was great was that the next day my legs felt fine. I continued to French Creek, went fishing for the day, and then got back on the bike and headed back to Naniamo to take the ferry to Vancouver. After a day in Vancouver I then returned to Victoria. On the trip I rode the Electrom in heavy rain, at night and on the side of some major highways, including the Trans-Canada back to Vancouver. It was a snap, the Eectrom is very stable at speed, super comfortable and provides quite a bit of protection from the rain. I was wearing a scooter style helmet with a face shield with helped with the rain.