Electrom LEV:
an e-bike like no other

What is the Electrom?

The Electrom is an e-bike that has been designed from the ground up to offer as many of the conveniences of an automobile as possible while still legally remaining a bicycle. It can carry 100 liters of cargo or a small passenger, the Electrom also offers some weather protection for the rider as well as all of the lights and turn signals you would expect to find on a motorcycle. At the heart of the Electrom is the Generator Drive which allows the rider to pedal at a constant speed without having to shift any complicated bicycle gears.

At just 24 inches wide the Electrom can easily slip past stalled traffic like a bicycle and when you arrive at your destination you can park it anywhere you can park a bicycle.

The Electrom is designed to last with an aluminum frame and custom molded fiberglass and carbon fiber body parts. It has very few moving parts and uses mostly off-the-shelf bicycle components available in any bike shop.

The Electrom is an emissions-free vehicle packed with features that will allow you to get where you are going faster and cheaper, while providing as much or as little exercise as you desire. It looks different because it is different. For the better.

The Electrom 1

Coming Spring 2020

Some of the Electrom’s Features


Ease of use



The Electrom has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use. Stand-over height is just 17 inches and thanks to the swing-away front fairing, easily deployed center-stand, and understeer handlebars, getting on and off is super easy. This, combined with the fact that there are no gears to shift through, makes for a very pleasant riding experience. The Electrom controls are intuitive and simple, consisting only of throttle, brakes and turn signals. The Electrom also has mirrors, lights, turn signals and a quick-deploy center stand — all of which make it easier to use.

Immune to Traffic Jams 

The Electrom is legally a bicycle, and is allowed to lane-split and use bike lanes. This and the Electrom’s very narrow profile, less than 24 inches, allows the rider to easily slip through stalled traffic.

Range and Power

The Electrom was designed to be configurable to e-bike rules in as many countries as possible. In its stock configuration it  uses an electric hub motor that easily produces enough power to travel as fast as 60 kph / 40 mph. Using one 72 volt, 20 amp-hour battery and traveling at 32 KPH / 20 mph it has a range of 100 +  kilometers / 62 miles. The frame has room for three such batteries yielding a potential range of 300+ Kilometers / 186 miles.

Generator Drive

The generator drive acts like an automatic transmission for a bike. The rider’s energy goes from the cranks to a hub that sends energy to both a generator and the back wheel via a chain drive. When the vehicle exceeds 10 kph / 6 mph all of the rider’s energy goes to the generator. The rider can just pedal at a constant cadence free from the need to think about gears while exercising and producing electricity to supplement the battery. An added benefit of the Generator Drive System is that when the rider encounters a hill too steep for the motor to manage, the vehicle slows down to 10 kph / 6 mph and the rider’s energy goes back to the back wheel to help the Electrom up the hill.

Immune to Traffic Jams

The Electrom is legally a bicycle, and is allowed to lane-split and use bike lanes. This and the Electrom’s very narrow profile–less than 60 cm / 24 inches–allows the rider to easily slip through stalled traffic.


Many electric bikes are really just electric scooters with pedals attached to exploit ebike standards as a loophole. Not the Electrom, it is designed to be pedaled.  The pedaling station is ergonomically positioned to allow for hours of comfortable exercise, and  the generator drive allows the rider to pedal as hard as they wish. As a result the quality of exercise is actually better than on a standard un-electrified bicycle. However, the exercise is voluntary, if one wishes they can just coast along pedaling gently or not at all.

No hard-to-find parts 

While the design of the Electrom is different, it uses as many off-the-shelf parts a possible in order to guarantees buyers that spare parts will be available in the future. This will also help keep manufacturing and repair costs down.

Great visibility

The Electrom is safer in traffic than most recumbent bikes because the higher rider position puts the rider at eye level with other road users. The vehicle’s size also makes it much easier for drivers to see. In addition to the Electrom’s natural visibility, it also has a full compliment very bright LED running lights, headlights and front and rear turn signals.

Clean appearance & no greasy chain 

The Electrom is mechanically simple, and the majority of the mechanical components and wiring are placed out of sight under body panels. The panels are easily removed for maintenance. The drive chains are all hidden away where they can’t stain the riders clothes

Cargo and passengers 

The tail-box has been designed to handle up to 100 liters / 20 Gallons of cargo (up to five grocery bags), and with the easy removal of the cargo hatch, it has room for a small adult passenger or child.

Increased Safety

The Electrom has a full compliment of hi visibility LED running lights, headlights, and front and rear turn signals. The vehicle’s size also makes it much easier for drivers to see.
One of the most important aspect of road safety for bikes is good communication with car drivers. The Electrom puts the rider at eye level with car drivers, this improves communication and visibility.
The windscreen on the Electrom places the side view mirrors right where the rider needs them for a complete view of the road behind them. The windscreen is made of a flexible plastic that will bend in the event of a crash in order to reduce the risk of injury to the rider.


The Electrom Prototype

Tilt-Away Fairing
makes getting on and off a snap

Generator Drive Pedaling System
pedal as much as you want & no gears to shift
Built in Lights & Turn Signals

always be seen

Cargo Hatch
Quickly removes to carry a passenger

Recumbent Riding Position
comfortable and improves aerodynamics

Strong Wheels & Wide Tires
because the side of the road is a messy place

Hub Motor
powerful and maintenance free

Quick-Deploy Centre Stand
no leaning against a tree required

The Possibilities are Vast 

Because the Electrom has been designed around a modular platform, end users will be able to create their own body panels if they wish.  We have already been asked for a few custom features like a delivery box and the ability to tow another bicycle. Imagine, Instead of putting your mountain bike in a car to get to your local riding area, you will be able to mount a bike-tow bracket and get a warm-up on your way to your off-road ride. Another feature is the ability to tow a cargo trailer for even more carrying capacity.


Get ready for the Electrom 1

The Electrom has been designed to use as many off-the-shelf parts as possible to aid in reliability, replacement part sourcing, and speed to market. The first generation of Electrom’s will be produced on a small scale and sold in kit format. The delivery as a kit will help with shipping costs as well as provide liability protection. Once we have a proven market we will take the next step to true mass-production.

It is difficult to give an exact estimate until we have completed the production sample, but we estimate that the Base Electrom 1 kit will retail for around $4,000 USD, the Deluxe Kit with full tailbox and front fairing will be around $6000 USD, and a Frame & Fork Kit should come in at about $2500. All of the above options are sold without battery. This will allow the end user to select a battery that suites their individual needs, and as one of the big costs of a battery is the Hazardous Materials Shipping Charge, it doesn’t make sense to ship a battery to Victoria BC and then on to the final destination.
Once the price is set, backers will have the option of completing their order, delaying their order, or passing their wait-list position onto someone else.

Electrom 1 Specifications:

  • Welded Aluminum Frame

  • 203 cm / 80 inch wheel base

  • High quality 20 inch suspension fork

  • 100 mm/ 4 inches of front and rear suspension travel

  • 20″ diameter cast aluminum wheels

  • Fiberglas and carbon fiber body panels and tailbox

  • 72 volt battery system (user configurable)

  • Hydraulic disk brakes

  • Grin Technologies programmable 72 volt 40 amp controller and Cycle Analyst V3 Console

  • 4.5 meter/14 foot turning radius
  • Able to accommodate rider sizes ranging from 1 meter 52cm / 5’0  to  2meter /  6’10

Drive System Setup Options:

  • Direct Drive hub motor and the Generator Drive, can be run with a throttle or as a speed pedalec;
  • Regular geared drivetrain running a Direct Drive hub motor or gear-motor (and this can include a torque sensing system for a speed pedallek system;
  • Mid-drive system


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